Bathroom Mat


Chill out with our Bath Mat, the sweetest and cosiest new addition to your home. From drying your feet as you come out of the bath or shower to warming your feet under your desk or vanity, this mat is versatile and ready to use as you please. Plus, it's guaranteed to make you smile each time you step on it. 


Whether you shower once, twice, or three times per day, our Bath Mat will keep up with your frequent washing routine thanks to its quick-drying fibres that feel brand new every time you use and wash it.


The adorable pink colour works well as a pop of colour against minimalist interiors, or it can blend right in with overtly maximalist interiors. Whatever you decide, this dependable Bath Mat will be by your side.


We encourage you to snuggle up with our super soft Bath Mat all year long and to always Go Bare.

  • Super soft and quick-drying polyester fibres to keep your tootsies warm
  • Multi-functional, use it in the bathroom as a bath mat to dry your feet or under your desk for cosy touch
  • A cinch to fold away if needed
  • Design with non-slip thermoplastic rubber (TPR) to keep it from moving
  • Easy to clean (simply throw it into the washing machine on a low-temperature setting)

Measurements: 50x80cm